The Technical Data Guidance



The following key words about network are the technologies that I had study and used. And now I'm studying the fourth generation of web application technologies and the Firebase dynamic database, after I fully understand and can use these technologies, I will sort out them again

The keywords for third generation web platform

Compute Engine: Google Cloud based on United States(us-west2-a)

Supplement: GCP is for formal plan. After I test Alicloud, Tencent Cloud, Amazon Cloud, I found GCP is the best choice.

IP: Google Anycast IP + Premium Host IP





High performance routing

Lower performance network

Network Services

Network services such as Cloud Load Balancing are global (single VIP for backends in multiple regions)

Network services such as Cloud Load Balancing are regional (one VIP per region)

Service Level

High performance and reliability, Low latency, Global SLA

Performance and availability comparable to other public cloud providers (lower than premium), no Global SLA

Use Case

Performance, reliability, global footprint and user experience are your main considerations

Cost is your main consideration, and you’re willing to trade-off some network performance

DNS, CDN, Network Load Balancer


CDN & Network Load Balancer

Picture Bed

The Picture Bed is based on Google Storage(US area) and also use Google CDN with custom domain.



Web Serve

Ngingx & Tengine

The Color Guidance For Design

Theme Color

  • 蓝色#4285F4

  • 绿色#0F9D58

  • 黄色#F4B400

  • 红色#DB4437

The Font Color

  • 4d4d4d

  • 1d1d1f

  • 424242

The Background Color

  • f5f5f7

  • F7F9FA

The Divider Color

  • D2D2D7

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